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Life Is a Picnic

  • March 1, 2019

Potomac Market River Falls Cherry BlossomsEvery Spring, the DC area is enriched by a gorgeous display of cherry blossoms. People flock downtown from all over to enjoy a day among the pink blooms, with the bright blue skies as a back drop and the iconic DC landmark buildings. It is truly a site to behold.

There are many wonderful things to see and do downtown, and especially during the days of the Cherry Blossom Festival (March 20 – April 13, 2019) you will find something for everyone and every age group. Think kites, canoeing, biking, parades, boat rides and more.

One of the most enjoyable things to do is have a good old-fashioned picnic. You can take your blanket, even your chairs, pick your spot along the Tidal Basin under the blossoms and settle in for a memorable afternoon. This is an activity for everyone; bring your little ones and capture that perfect Holiday Card moment, enjoy a stroll along the water and settle in for a romantic picnic, get your friends together & pack a frisbee, take some time to decompress from the hustle and bustle of your busy life with your favorite book, and for those of you that don’t miss a moment on social media, do it for the gram! #cherryblossoms

Whether you plan to pack up a wicker basket, a tote bag or a back pack, we’ve got everything you need for the perfect alfresco experience right here at the Market.

We have a great assortment of crackers, artisanal cheeses, pâté, spreads from Picnic Gourmet, our homemade hummus, or crab spread as well as chips and our homemade salsa. We have a variety of salads that are large enough to share and come in easy portable containers including Caesar, Cobb, Greek, or Caprese. Take along our chicken salad, tuna salad, pasta salad, coleslaw and even our chilled shrimp cocktail. We make sandwiches daily and of course have cookies and sweets including our portable cake in a jar by Cakelove.

We also have a great assortment of beverages for all ages!

Stop in to grab all of the picnic essentials for enjoying a beautiful day in DC, or anywhere in the area…an outing at Great Falls, on the Mall, or even in your local park.

Visit our website to order ahead of time and it will be all ready for you when you get here …. We will even run it out to your car. https://marketriverfalls.com

Image via Washington.org


  • February 11, 2019

Wine Potomac Market River Falls


In Vino Veritas…
translated means “in wine there is truth”.

It is true that there is a lot to learn while exploring the many wines of the world.

Developing your sense of taste, learning food & wine pairings, discovering the best practices for serving and storing wine are among many of the elements that fall under what could be called a wine education.

Tasting, smelling, swirling…Is the nose floral or perhaps earthy? Are the legs thick and slow? Is it fruit forward, smooth or acidic?
Really, it all comes down to trying different wines and discovering what you like so you can find your favorites.

We love wine and we have been fortunate enough to discover many great bottles over the years in our travels and through our love of food, dining & entertaining. In order to share that love of wine, we offer wine tastings every Thursday, from 4- 6:30 pm.

We’ve even created our own hashtag #wepouratfour just because we enjoy having fun on our social media pages.

Sometimes, you will find the sales reps from the wine distributors here with us and that’s always a treat. But often times, Jim plays head sommelier and enjoys the camaraderie that sampling wine offers our customers. We always offer light bites to complement what we are pouring to delight your palate.

On Thursday’s, we typically pour two wines that pair well with one another. Perhaps it will be two Cabernets, perhaps two Rosés but whatever we pour on a given week will be similar in style and structure.
This allows us to share a little bit of wine knowledge and to have a discussion with you as to what foods work best with what you’re sipping. We are happy for you to learn where the wine is from, how it is made and what is pairs well with. Whether you are having salmon, tuna, steak or chicken we are always happy to help you select a wine that will be most suitable.

We believe wine is a beverage best enjoyed in the company of others….

That is why we offer a casual, fun experience here at the Market every week and we encourage you to stop in and have some fun with us.

We’ve listened and we’ve learned what our customers like…

For example, right now…oak-y chards are definitely not the trend. Rather, people are enjoying light, crisp, bright whites.

Additionally, heavy reds have taken a back seat to lighter reds like Pinot Noir for the moment.

Here at the Market we offer about 40 different wines in addition to 6 sparkling options.

Stop in on any Thursday afternoon to enjoy a tasting…it’s fun and you just might discover your new favorite vino!

Best Crab Cakes Potomac

  • January 15, 2019

Award-Winning Crab Cakes Potomac


Best of Bethesda, Award-Winning Crab Cakes

We believe in the highest standards…from customer service to the top quality and variety of foods we offer here at The Market including our crab cakes which have been awarded the BEST crab cakes!

We are honored that those high standards have earned us some great recognition and awards through the years. We were recently awarded “Reader’s Pick, A Top Vote-getter as “Best Neighborhood Market” and “Best Place to Buy Prepared Foods” in Best of Bethesda 2019. A huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to those of you who support and vote for us!

Among the things we are very proud to be recognized for are our Award-Winning Crab Cakes. We have been serving the same original recipe for 18 years with the only change being we now offer a gluten-free version made with rice flour instead of panko breadcrumbs. Our crab cakes are made daily, often two times per day, and are overflowing with fresh jumbo lump crabmeat in a large 6½ oz. portion. They are SO GOOD that we sold almost 40,000 of them last year!

Did you know that the biggest producers of crabmeat in the world are Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines? We only source from the Northern Hemisphere, always from the Gulf of Mexico and we rotate our suppliers based on season to guarantee fresh, never pasteurized, jumbo lump meat. We get our crabmeat from Venezuela in the Winter, Mexico & Texas in the Spring & Fall and from the waters off of Louisiana, Florida & North Carolina in the Summer.

Our crab cakes are available fully cooked (just reheat them in the oven for 10 minutes), or uncooked (bake them for approximately 25 minute or until golden brown). And they are always served with our own exceptional tartar sauce, remoulade and/or cocktail sauce on the side.

And ready for this… If you really want to impress a crab cake lover, we SHIP them via FedEx Overnight!

Just give us a call at 301-765-8001 or send us an email to make arrangements.

If you’ve had our crab cakes, then you know how good they taste and we appreciate your loyal and continued business.

But, if you haven’t tried them, check this off your bucket list, so can say that you have had the very BEST crab cakes around…

We promise!

Beef at The Market

  • December 21, 2018

Best Beef Potomac Market River FallsWe strongly believe that the industrialized food system in America is broken, with the greatest culprit being beef and pork raised in CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) or Feed Lots.

CAFOs are horribly inhumane to the animals and incredibly destructive to the environment. While they are very efficient and keep the cost of meat low, it is a little known fact that CAFOs contribute more to the destruction of the ozone layer than do all of the cars and trucks on the road combined.

In addition, the animals are given large amounts of growth hormones so that they can be brought to market sooner and are given daily doses of antibiotics to ensure that their crowded living conditions don’t lead to illness. We don’t eat factory meat at home and it is against our principles to sell it in our Market.

We believe grass fed is best and the reason is simple… an animal’s diet has a direct impact on the nutritional value of the product.

For example, the meat from cattle that eat only grass contains two to three times the amount of CLAs (Conjugated Linoleic Acids) compared with grain-finished beef. CLAs are healthy fats associated with reduced cancer risk, reduced cardiovascular disease risk, and better cholesterol levels. Grass fed meat is leaner, and lower in saturated fat and cattle raised on grass are less likely to be given hormones and antibiotics. Grass-fed beef has also been found to have a healthier ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids.
ALL of our meat is pasture raised and grass fed (some of it is finished on grain), humanely raised, free of hormones, steroids or antibiotics while being intensely flavorful, nicely marbled and super tender!

The truth of the matter is, meat from cows that graze freely on grass for their entire lives is the best for your health and the for health of our planet and both of those things are very important to us.

Yes, it is more expensive as family farms are not as efficient as factory farms, but your health and the health of your family is priceless.

We source our beef from:

Meyer’s Ranch in Montana
Visit their website @ https://www.meyernaturalangus.com

Strube Ranch in Texas
Visit their website @ https://www.struberanch.com