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The Market at River Falls | 301-765-8001
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10-7 Monday through Saturday, 11-7 on Sunday.


The Market at River Falls

Potomac Poke Bar Market River Falls


Potomac Market Feeding the National Guard

We are proud to support Market customer and friend Jose Andres in his effort to feed the National Guard now stationed in downtown Washington. Early Tuesday morning, Yasmin will drop off 100 crab cakes, 150 portions of lasagna, and 72 portions of meatloaf to his commissary; where it will be heated, packed, and delivered to the troops by World Central Kitchen staff and volunteers. We will continue to do this weekly for the duration.

Jim McWhorter - Market River Falls
Jim McWhorter - Market River Falls

The Food Industry Movement

The food industry has been experiencing a movement to buy locally sourced products for several years now.

Supporting the local economy is very important to us and we have made an ongoing, sincere effort to support any local artisanal food craftsperson whose product comes to our attention. It feels good to do our part in reducing our carbon footprint by selling foods that are cleanly produced without additives, preservatives or high fructose corn syrup.

We all know the old saying…garbage in, garbage out. This applies to the food business perhaps more so than any other. We source our perishable products from the leaders in the industry, companies which serve the leading restaurants, hotels and gourmet grocers in the area. We are well aware that quality will be remembered, and we are proud to list the following perishable vendors as our business partners:

Our fish and shellfish come from many sources but our two mainstays, day in and day out are Congressional Seafood Company in Jessup and JJ McDonnell, Inc. in Elkridge. Between them, they have almost 150 years’ experience in the wholesale seafood business and their quality and expertise is appreciated by us every day.

Our meats come from three sources: Capital Beef in Landover, Fells Point Meats in Baltimore and D’artagnan in Chicago. Just like the fish companies, all are family businesses, and we feel that they treat us like family.

Our fresh fruits and vegetables, and some of our cheeses and dairy products come from Coastal Sunbelt Produce in Laurel. Coastal is the acknowledged leader among wholesale produce companies in the Mid-Atlantic, and once again, we feel that we are the beneficiaries of their tremendous buying power, industry expertise and personal service.

The Market River Falls Local Artisanal Suppliers.png


Soupergirl, Takoma Park, soups and gazpachos.
Meat Crafters, Landover, sausages and salamis.
New Yorker Bakery, Silver Spring, bread and rolls.
Uptown Bakers, Hyattsville, bread and desserts.
Poolesville Pickers, Poolesville, barbeque sauces.
La Pasta, Silver Spring, fresh made pastas and sauces.
Fisher’s Popcorn, Ocean City, popcorn.
Tasty Six, Kensington, Organic cold pressed juices and protein milks.
Jed Jaffe, Potomac, local honey.
Traci Hoffman, Potomac. Organic strawberry jam and pastured eggs.
Moctec Enterprises, Landover, tortillas and chips.
Harris Crab House, Kent Narrows, steamed crabs.
Baxter Soft Shell Crabs, Easton, soft shells.
Maplelawn Turkey Farm, Howard County, fresh turkeys.
Michelle’s Granola, Frederick, granola.
Brawling Bear Brewery, Gaithersburg, beer.
Jailbreak Brewery, Laurel, beer.
Silver Spring Winery, Silver Spring, wine.
Rockland’s Farm, Poolesville, wine.


Whisked! cookies and pies.
Ivy City Smokehouse, smoked salmon and fish.
Cakelove, cakes in a jar and sparkbites.
Harper McCaw, chocolates.
Dolcezza, gelatos and sorbet.
Brainy Belly, bone broth.
DC Brau Brewery, beer.


Picnic Gourmet Spreads, Arlington, dips and spreads.
Firehook Bakery, Sterling, crackers and flatbreads.
Route 66 Potato Chips, Jackson, potato chips.
Blue Crab Bay Company, Melfa, soups and nuts.


Trickling Springs Creamery, Chambersburg, organic milk and ice cream.
Kreider Farms, Manheim, Hormone free milk and free range organic eggs.


The Market at River Falls
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