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The Market at River Falls | 301-765-8001
10124 River Road Potomac, MD 20854
10-7 Monday through Saturday, 11-7 on Sunday.

About The Market

Customer Service and Food Quality

Are you like a lot of us?

The last thing you feel like doing at the end of the day is to think about cooking dinner. Tired, short on time, not inspired? Or you just have other priorities… There are too many other things we’d prefer to spend our time and energy on. Our kids, our family, our friends, maybe relaxing in front of the TV. Not to mention, you have to get all the ingredients, and then have to clean up afterwards. No thanks!

But, perhaps you feel like we do?

Preparing and cooking at home is a way to eat healthily and that is important to you. You want to eat clean and minimize packaged, processed foods. You know what you are getting if you make it, right?

We were patrons of the Market long before we were owners. We primarily bought the fresh fish, as we knew the fish and seafood were the freshest around, but we rarely bought any of the other offerings or the prepared food, because we didn’t know enough about it. How it was prepared, where it was prepared, what ingredients were used?

So, when we acquired the market, we had two priorities and objectives – customer service and food quality.

You will remember how we make you feel because we treat you like family, because you matter to us, and we will make sure you have an exceptional experience. Our commitment to you is real.

We offer the highest quality products. The food we serve to you is the same food we eat ourselves, feed to our children and grand-children! It’s fresh, it’s local (when possible), and over 90% is prepared in-house daily. We stay away from processed foods, any additives, chemicals, GMO, hormones or antibiotics.
And, if you have a special need, call us, give us some notice, we will make it how you like it!

Every day you can count on us. Please come on in, say hello…look through the array of salads, soups, hors d’oeuvres, entrées and desserts. We will serve you with pleasure and even carry it out to your car or deliver it for you. When you buy from River Falls, rest assured we’re here to serve, our food is wholesome, healthy and as fresh and unprocessed as possible – and, most importantly, DELICIOUS!!
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