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  • February 11, 2019

Wine Potomac Market River Falls


In Vino Veritas…
translated means “in wine there is truth”.

It is true that there is a lot to learn while exploring the many wines of the world.

Developing your sense of taste, learning food & wine pairings, discovering the best practices for serving and storing wine are among many of the elements that fall under what could be called a wine education.

Tasting, smelling, swirling…Is the nose floral or perhaps earthy? Are the legs thick and slow? Is it fruit forward, smooth or acidic?
Really, it all comes down to trying different wines and discovering what you like so you can find your favorites.

We love wine and we have been fortunate enough to discover many great bottles over the years in our travels and through our love of food, dining & entertaining. In order to share that love of wine, we offer wine tastings every Thursday, from 4- 6:30 pm.

We’ve even created our own hashtag #wepouratfour just because we enjoy having fun on our social media pages.

Sometimes, you will find the sales reps from the wine distributors here with us and that’s always a treat. But often times, Jim plays head sommelier and enjoys the camaraderie that sampling wine offers our customers. We always offer light bites to complement what we are pouring to delight your palate.

On Thursday’s, we typically pour two wines that pair well with one another. Perhaps it will be two Cabernets, perhaps two Rosés but whatever we pour on a given week will be similar in style and structure.
This allows us to share a little bit of wine knowledge and to have a discussion with you as to what foods work best with what you’re sipping. We are happy for you to learn where the wine is from, how it is made and what is pairs well with. Whether you are having salmon, tuna, steak or chicken we are always happy to help you select a wine that will be most suitable.

We believe wine is a beverage best enjoyed in the company of others….

That is why we offer a casual, fun experience here at the Market every week and we encourage you to stop in and have some fun with us.

We’ve listened and we’ve learned what our customers like…

For example, right now…oak-y chards are definitely not the trend. Rather, people are enjoying light, crisp, bright whites.

Additionally, heavy reds have taken a back seat to lighter reds like Pinot Noir for the moment.

Here at the Market we offer about 40 different wines in addition to 6 sparkling options.

Stop in on any Thursday afternoon to enjoy a tasting…it’s fun and you just might discover your new favorite vino!