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River Falls Seafood

The Market At River Falls procures the freshest seafood in the Washington DC area. We have unique relationships with our vendors (many which have been in place for over 25 years). We work with small independent fishermen from Maine to Florida providing us with fish which is literally one day from the water. We also overnight fresh products from The West Coast and Alaska and as a result, receive fresh seafood which most restaurants and markets never see. We hand cut all of our fish in small quantities to provide the finest quality fillets. We will be happy to cut your fish to order or fill your special order needs.

Stop by and talk to one of our Seafood Experts and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.


  • A taste of Down East at home!
  • Available fully cooked ready to reheat or ready to cook.
  • Two (2) Two Pound Lobsters
  • Two Dozen Littleneck Or Steamer Clams
  • Two Dozen Mussels
  • One Dozen Jumbo Shrimp
  • Fresh Corn Or Broccoli
  • One Pound Baby Red Potatoes
  • One Baguette
  • Please call 24 hours in advance for best availability
  • Market Price

Click here to view our lobster cooking and reheating instructions

Natural Salmon

Our Farm Raised All Natural Atlantic Salmon is raised in the crystal clear waters off of British Columbia, Canada. We buy from only one farm and have been for the last 5 years. Our Atlantic Salmon provider is highly regarded in the Seafood industry and their Salmon is considered by many Chefs to be the elite farm raised Salmon. Superior texture, color and most important flavor, you will not find a finer Atlantic Salmon.

Wild Salmon Program – In addition to our Natural Atlantic Salmon, The Market at River Falls is a leader in the procurement of Wild Pacific Salmon. We carry all varieties of Wild Salmon providing us with Wild Salmon nearly year round. From Alaskan Copper River King and Sockeye Salmon to Troll Caught Coho Salmon you can be assured our Wild Salmon is the freshest, highest quality available. Wild Salmon is loaded with natural oils and minerals and it is outstanding for all types of preparations including Grilling, Poaching and Baking.


At The Market at River Falls we have our own “Hook and Line’ Rockfish Captain, Boat and License. This gives us the capability of having Fresh Chesapeake Bay Rockfish, Bluefish and Spanish mackerel delivered the same day it is caught. No other Market can provide fish this fresh. Captain Tom Byrne out of Deale, MD fishes exclusively for us and takes great care to assure our fish are pristine in every way.

Steamed Maryland Crabs and Fresh Jumbo Lump Crabmeat

We have a unique relationship with Harris Crab House located at The Kent Narrows Bridge to provide our market with Jumbo Steamed Maryland Crabs between May and October. These spectacular Crabs are hand selected and shipped to us overnight. We sell our Crabs by the each, dozen or bushel. Please inquire regarding prices. Furthermore we carry Fresh genuine Maryland Jumbo Lump Crabmeat through the summer and fall Months. There is nothing quite like the flavor and freshness of this outstanding Crabmeat.

North Carolina Seafood

Much of our fresh Fish and Shrimp come from Coastal North Carolina. We work with individual “day boat” fishermen assuring us of products caught the day before it is in our market and restaurant. From Black Grouper and American Red Snapper, to Swordfish and Yellowfin Tuna, even Fresh Jumbo Shrimp (Never Frozen), our North Carolina Seafood Program is fantastic.

Wester Ross “Hand-Reared” Organic Atlantic Salmon

Wester Ross, in the northwest Scottish Highlands is wild, rugged and remote. One of the most sparsely populated areas of Europe, it remains largely untamed.

Founded in 1977, Wester Ross Fisheries is the oldest independent salmon farm in Scotland. The farm is now owned by four partners — Gilpin Bradley, Colin Milne, Hugh Richards and David Robinson — who joined forces to purchase it when the previous owners retired. Together, they oversee every aspect of the farm.

The Salmon is everything “Hand Rearing” means, being hands-on in every detail and not relying on machines or cameras to know how the fish are doing. Wester Ross farmers are on the water every day of the year, and they feed the salmon exclusively by hand. Such close proximity allows for close observation — and meticulous attention to animal welfare.

Low stocking densities ensure that the fish have room to grow up healthy without antibiotics. Care for the fish and the environment is evident in their feed — a custom diet containing trimmings of fish destined for human consumption that were caught in the northeast Atlantic.

Wester Ross — last stop ‘til America, the central point for Wester Ross Fisheries is Ullapool. It’s a whitewashed little coastal town set on the banks of Loch Broom. The Highland Clearances (Fuadach nan Gàidheal in Scottish Gaelic, the expulsion of the Gael) was a dark time in Scottish history. In the 18th and 19th centuries, wealthy landowners who wanted more room for sheep burned people out of their homes and sent them off the land. Ruins of croft houses still dot the landscape. Many boarded ships for America and Canada, and many of those ships left from Ullapool. The view of Loch Broom and the hills was the last they ever saw of Scotland.The world has changed since then, but a unique highland way of life continues for those who remain, and raising salmon is key to the local economy and communities.

The people of Wester Ross Fisheries take care of the area like it’s their home — because it is. With a staff of 35, the farm is the largest single employer in town. They source as much as possible locally, and support the local schools, including bringing kids out to the farm and engaging with them in home economics so they know how to cook and enjoy the food of the area.

Wester Ross Fisheries has been certified as a RSPCA Freedom Food from the very beginning of the program. One of the first farms to pass the certification audit, directors Gilpin Bradley and Hugh Richards are members of the RSPCA working group for both freshwater and saltwater practices.

Wester Ross has consciously chosen to NOT be a Label Rouge salmon farm. The difference is in the feeds. In order to become a Label Rouge Salmon, they would be required to change their feed to contain a higher percentage of wild fishmeal. This would unfavorably change the results of Wester Ross’ outstanding Feed Conversion Ratio from less than 1:1 to a FIFO (Fish In Fish Out) of greater than 3:1. Their feed also contains the natural pigment Panafred.

Hormones are not used. They make no routine use of antibiotics. In fact, the fish are so well cared for, they’ve never had to use antibiotics.

No chemical antifoulants are used on the nets. They are cleaned by wind and rain and left to dry in the sun. A swim-through system of nets allows the fish to transfer between pens in a low-stress way. Low RSPCA stocking densities (99% water, 1% fish).

Wester Ross Fish is Kosher Certified, meets ISO14001 environmental management standards, and holds the endorsement from the Scottish Industry Code of Good Practices.


Grilled Sardines With Garlic Dressing

Roasted Whole Fish With Celery, Lemon and Orange

Halibut With Balsamic Glaze

Grilled Halibut With Fennel, Red Onion, And Oregano

Sole Almandine

Easy Sole Meuniere

The Freshest Gourmet Food In The Business