We strongly believe that the industrialized food system in America is broken, and the greatest culprit is beef and pork which is raised in CAFO’s (concentrated animal feeding operations). CAFO’s are horribly inhumane to the animals and incredibly destructive to the environment. While they are very efficient and keep the costs of meat low, it is a little known fact that CAFOs contribute more to the destruction of the ozone layer than do all of the cars and trucks on the road combined. In addition, the animals are given large amounts of growth hormones so that they can be brought to market quicker, and are given daily doses of antibiotics to ensure that their crowded living conditions don’t lead to illness. We don’t eat factory meat at home and it is against our principles to sell it in our Market.

The great majority of our meats come from the following suppliers:

Meyer’s Ranch in Montana (Beef)

Strube Ranch in Texas (Waygu Beef)

D’Artagnan (Chicken)

Shenandoah Valley Beef Coop (Beef)

MeatCrafters (sausages and salamis)

Maplelawn Farms (locally raised turkeys)

Our lamb comes from Australia and our Pork comes from Virginia.

ALL of our meat is pasture raised and grass fed, and some of it is finished on grain, which gives it a nice marbling and makes it more tender. Yes, it is more expensive as family farms are not as efficient as factory farms, but your health and the health of your family is priceless.

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